Genesis ElijahBrixton, London. UK
Nathaniel Bygrave
July 01, 2018


Genesis Elijah

Genesis Elijah is a London born rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer known for his passionate delivery and gritty reality-based lyrics. He's one of the most respected names in the UK music scene with some of the most loyal supporters worldwide.

Genesis Elijah has consistently wowed fans with his original and unpredictable style. Whether on the Glastonbury stage or Wembley arena, his energetic performances are always captivating. Genesis Elijah has performed all over the world, as well as national television campaigns (Magners Irish Cider). Championed by DJ’s like Zane Lowe, to Hollywood A-Listers like Ricky Gervais, his body of work includes cult classics like "Jah Bless," "Battle Cry," "Underground King," "Dear Kanye," "Fathers Day," and "Phantom Dread Syndrome," which was featured on the Noel Clarke movie, Brotherhood.

A versatile musician who flows effortlessly between all genres and styles who has worked with artists from Royce Da 59 to Harry Shotta and Matt Goss (Bros).

His latest EP, It Will All End In Tears is out now.

Genesis Elijah – “Haunted Trap House”