H.ScottEast New York, Brooklyn
Michael Scott Williams
February 26, 1988
Conscience, Melodic, Gangster, Soulful



My name is H and this is me. Now, if most were asked to close their eyes and picture what they believed to be a Brooklyn emcee, I feel there’d be a consistent theme amongst the crowd: Poverty-stricken, a broken home, likely not classroom educated. Few see a God-fearing product of a two-parent home — and that's just a fraction of what makes me, me. I always kept a respectful distance from corner boy robbery raps. Instead, I let my growing up in the East, and what I’ve learned in the classroom, live in my rhymes.

Blessed is an understatement when describing my jog around New York City. My first audience was a beauty salon in East Flatbush, Brooklyn. After the salon closed for the day, we pushed the chairs to the back of the shop, dimmed the lights, put my mic stand in the middle of the spot, and the rest is history. I’ve since been blessed to open for artists like Lupe Fiasco at Irving Plaza and Lil Durk at The Gramercy Theater, to name a few. When it comes to hip-hop, unfiltered expression, sarcasm, and sharp and witty lyrics, hold a special place in my heart.

Michael Scott Williams (born February 26, 1988), also known by the stage name H.Scott, or simply H, is a Brooklyn emcee who began writing rhymes at age 15. By 18, this "Brooklyn cat" couldn't be around friends and music without focusing
everyone’s attention on him while reciting his latest rhymes.
Throughout his teens, he constantly worked to prefect his skills on the microphone. While he didn’t initially give much thought into making music his life, it wasn’t until his senior year at Hampton University, that he flirted with the idea of
pursuing a professional career in music.

A rapper and a poet, this Renaissance man also holds a Master’s in Business Administration from Metropolitan College of New York.