Isaac Da Cruz
December 10, 1987
Years Active
2003 - 2018
Hip Hop, Trap, R&B



Jyager immersed himself in the garage scene, pursuing hip-hop lyricism as garage gave way to grime. With the endorsement of Brit-rap heavyweight Jehst (Jyager’s Encrypted Scriptures debut was released on YNR, the label Jehst co-founded, in 2009), he set about establishing his formidable rep. Whether rapping in French and Portuguese, or rhyming about fairytales over Al Green samples, he’s every inch Rochford’s equal as a genre-defying iconoclast.

“I found Jyager’s CD in Rough Trade,” Rochford explains. “I’d never heard of him before, but I had a good feeling about this CD. I was doing a remix, so I just Myspaced Jyager to ask if he would do a vocal, and it started from there.” For Jyager, it was a mouth-watering opportunity: “What I sit and listen to is completely different from what I do,” he says. “I loved working with Seb and the band - the music just put me in a whole different mindstate.”

Since being back from tour with Mobo-nominated Jazz band, Polar Bear, UK and European Shows — starting with The London Jazz festival to Elb Jazz Festival (Germany), But is it really Jazz?! (Belgium) and more — Jyager began working on a new album with up and coming producer JonPhonics. The two made Proction in 2010 (TheLostAlbum) and (Released From Captivity) 2011. Throughout this, Jyager continued to maintain a live presence doing shows around the country and overseas performing at Shambala festival, BoomBapFestival appearing the first 3 years with Jehst, Micall Parknsun, and Black The Ripper.

Currently, Jyager is in the studio working on a new mixtape, WhereYouBeen2, which is set to be out before the year is over with production coming from Atlanta, Chicago, New York, London, Switzerland, France, Tokyo, and more; As well as two new albums: An instrumental album and a new rap album featuring some of the UKs Hiphop elite.

Jyager – Impossible Mission (Prod by Yambo)