Latrice CarrPortsmouth, VA
Shanika Carr
March 16, 1975
Soulful R&B


Latrice Carr

Latrice Carr is an American, multi-genre singer and songwriter from Portsmouth, VA. Latrice is known for her passion and dedication to the musical arts. Her iridescent voice and soulful range makes her one of the most unique talents. With gospel roots in her background, the passion for music has always been at the forefront for Latrice and has always kept her humble.

She began singing in front of crowds at a very early age and was an inspiration to all listeners. Latrice continues to display her talent regularly at popular establishments in the Northern VA, D.C., and Maryland areas, where she currently resides.

Latrice is also co-owner of her entertainment management company, Latrice Carr Music Group, based in Great Mills, MD, with her husband and Manager James. Latrice’s latest project, Inside Out, released in September of 2018, can be found on all digital media outlets. She is currently working on a future business podcast as well as her 2nd single, “Dysfunctional,” to be released in early 2019. For more information, Latrice can be followed on FB/IG at latricecarr and latricecarrmusicgroup.

Latrice Carr – “Inside Out”