Math HoffaBrooklyn, New York
Justin Edwards
May 16, 1995
Rapper, Battle Rapper
Battle Rap, Hip-Hop
Associated Acts
New York Bullies, House Gang Union


Math Hoffa

Math Hoffa is a battle rapper out of Brooklyn, New York. At 6’3” and 220 lbs, Hoffa was a stick-up kid in Brooklyn before he started battle rapping seriously. His first claim to fame was his lead role in the independent hip-hop film, Rap War One in 2004. His performance in the film put him on the map and gained him a spot in the battle rap league Fight Klub. After losing his first battle on Fight Klub against Serius Jones, he won his next four battles, gaining him the attention of SMACK DVD. This led to one of the most infamous moments of battle rap history, when Math punched his opponent, Dose, in the face because his hat brim touched his nose. Hoffa has also appeared on the UW battle league, King of the Dot, and RapBattleNetwork.

Math Hoffa – “Lights Go Down” ft. Bishop Bigrante (Official Video)