Maui ARNLong Island, New York
Kent James
June 08, 1994


Maui ARN

Maui ARN (a Long Island, New York native) has traveled to many countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean at an early age, experiencing different cultures, which ultimately shaped the person he is today. He has always been intrigued by the different music and styles the world has to offer and found ways to incorporate that into his own. Now, you can say this is the “Culture Vulture” tendency, but not in this case. Maui’s has never been afraid to show love to whoever needs it, or afraid to take on criticism, or afraid to take the first step into a new venture; Even if alone, he fully embraces change.

Being the first of his family to go to a private high school (St. Marys H.S. in Manhasset) Maui ARN and his friends OTHEPRO (producer), Dapperdon E (rapper), Flee Capo (rapper), & others, formed the group Maui Nation in 2010, and later brought on a Connecticut standout S-Clive (rapper) to the team. This group went on to opening for artists such as Young MA, Trae the Truth, PNB Rock, & Lou Got Cash.

After hearing his singles “Boss Shit Only,” “4 My Dogs,” & “Creep,” many anticipated Maui would be releasing a project soon that would propel his career and deem him amongst the Tory Lanez, Quavo, & Travis Scott of the industry, but if you ask him, he’ll simply say, “Let’s see what happens love, lol.” That’s Maui ARN.

“Feelings Attached” ft. Dapperdon E