MF DoomLondon, England
Daniel Dumile
January 09, 1971
Rapper, Producer
Years Active
1988 - present
Hip-hop, Alternative Hip-Hop, Jazz Rap, Lo-Fi Hip-Hop
Fondle 'Em, Metal Face, Nature Sounds, Stones Throw, Lex, Rhymesayers, Elektra Sub Verse, Big Dada
Associated Acts
KMD, Madlib, MF Grimm, Monsta Island Czars, Danger Mouse, Bishop Nehru, Flying Lotus, Ghostface Killah, J Dilla


MF Doom

MF Doom is a rapper and producer from Long Island, New York, but originally born in London, England. He has a host of different aliases he’s gone by: Zev Love X, King Geedorah, King Ghidra, Viktor Vaughn, Metal Fingers, King Dumile, and DOOM.

Doom started his music career under the name Zev Love X as part of the group KMD, which included his younger brother, DJ Subroc. The group was signed to Elektra Records, but after the unexpected death of Doom’s brother in 1993, they were dropped from the label. Doom left the hip-hop scene from 1994 to 1997. He made his return in ‘97 by freestyling at the Nuyorican Poets Café in Manhattan, obscuring his face with a woman’s stocking. This was the genesis for his persona MF Doom, based off the Marvel Comics super-villain Doctor Doom.

He later obtained a prop mask from the set of the movie Gladiator, and would rarely be photographed without it. Doom is a prolific producer, producing most of his own tracks and a series of reputable instrumental albums, titled, Special Herbs. In the midst of his prolific underground career, Doom had his first major commercial success in 2004 with the release of the album, Madvillainy. He released it under the group name Madvillain, which was comprised of himself and another producer, Madlib. This success continued with the work he did with DJ Danger Mouse, under the group name Danger Doom.

Doom has continued to have a very prolific career, working with artists like the Gorillaz, Ghostface Killah, Flying Lotus, and Bishop Nehru.