One Klick WonderDale City, VA
Jennings Lovitt
May 09, 1989
Gangster Hip-Hop


One Klick Wonder

Born 5/9/1989 in Alexandria, VA, One Klick Wonder is now in Fredericksburg, VA. Drug addiction, being bullied, making minimum wage, his dad kicked him out at age 19. He lived with his mom for several years on Section 8 and food stamps.

He's worked numerous jobs and was currently blackballed in his own city for "harassing" a chick who likes him. Both her friends and his friends are against him because he stopped producing and he's a "petty ass rapper" that's been rapping and producing for over 16 years.

Featured on the official remix of Bizarre's "Trife Thieves" featuring Eminem and Fuzz Scoota is coming soon. He's also released the only ever Stan EP mixtape. He's the next big star!