Pretty LyonBrooklyn, New York
Adhama Cruel
August 08, 1988
Years Active
2011 - present
Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, POP,


Pretty Lyon

Adhama "Pretty Lyon" Cruel is a Brooklyn, NY native, as well as overall entertainer. As a recording artist, dancer, model, and actress, "Pretty Lyon," as she is known professionally, has put together quite an impressive resume of work in New York City and the surrounding areas. A trained dancer and vocalist, PrettyLyon released her project, Princess Of Brooklyn mixtape, and participated in The Black Light Chronicles, which serves as a compilation album featuring established contemporaries.

Wanting nothing more than to be a model for hard work and quality, Pretty Lyon is a spokeswoman for the unity of women in Hip-Hop and the entertainment industry as a whole. Living and breathing the arts both inside and out of the booth, Pretty Lyon is at home as a creator. The ever-personable upstart is on the scene frequently shaking hands and creating relationships that will last while promoting her brand; Turning her childhood passion for writing poems into full compositions of music that share her thoughts, experiences, and speak for those who are voiceless in a sense. The release of her debut, Good Girl Bad Habits, introduced this princess to the world and her moves, henceforth, have solidified the reason for her being on a lot of people’s radar. With more to come, Pretty Lyon is certainly an artist who will come to blossom in today’s entertainment business creating a catalog of great work.

Pretty Lyon – “TILT” (A Mack Cali Production)