SOB x RBEVallejo, California
Rap Collective
Years Active
2016 - present
Hip-Hop, West Coast Hip-Hop, Hiphy



SOB x RBE is a group based out of North Vallejo, California. SOB stand for “Strictly Only Brothers,” while the RBE stand for “Real Boys Entertainment.” The rap group is comprised of four members: Yhung T.O., Slimmy B, Da Boii, and Lul G. However, they have described SOB x RBE as a family that includes other members who don’t necessarily make music.

Originally, the group started when Yhung T.O. and Da Boii started rapping together, recording their vocals on a phone and putting it over a beat on a Playstation. Coming from a community where everyone knows everyone, the group started to come into formation after they all started recording at one of their friends' house.

While each of the members have solo careers, the collective as a whole has experienced exceptional success, especially with their 2017 single, “Anti.” The smash hit has become recognized as an anthem for the greater Bay Area, with tons of radio airtime and 24M views on YouTube. They have earned props from artists like Sage the Gemini and Mozzy.