stic.manShadeville, Florida
Clayton Gavin
March 06, 1974
Rapper, Author. Producer
Years Active
2000 - present
BossUp, Real Talk Ent.
Associated Acts
Dead Prez, Outlawz, Young Noble

Listen is a rapper from Shadesville, Florida. His first remarkable action in hip-hop was in 1990, when he was a sophomore at Wakulla High School. He had planned on performing a song titled “Black As I Can Get” for a Black History Month assembly, but was prevented from doing so. This caused a boycott of classes by the students and a picket of the school by both students and parents. Later on, he met fellow rapper M1 at Florida A&M University, and formed the group Dead Prez.

After signing a deal with Loud Records, they released their debut album in 2000, titled, Let’s Get Free. They released their next album, RBG: Revolutionary But Gangsta, four years later, through Sony Records. In 2006, wrote two books. One was titled, Warrior Names from Afrika, which compiled African warrior names and their meanings. The other was titled, The Art of Emceeing, which is a detailed guide on how to be an MC, with topics ranging from vocal healing to business dealings. is also the owner of the Atlanta-based company, Boss Up Inc. He has two solo albums, Manhood and The Workout, released in 2007 and 2011, respectively. Stic also stopped drinking and smoking after a diagnosis of gout when he was 21, and took up veganism. He is currently married to vegan nutritionist, Afya Ibomu.