Winston Chubb
February 29, 1992
Music Artist
Years Active
2013 - present
Hip-Hop, Rap
Rezurrected Sun



Stun is an aboriginal Canadian hip-hop artist from Oxford House, Manitoba. Raised in the city of Winnipeg, he has collected numerous amounts of experience from all sorts. From the gangster lifestyle to the preppy school boy, he was not a lost soul with the culture built into his well-being. Growing up around love and racism, the young man had gained knowledge from all types of influential individuals. He found the passion for music through a troubled youth. It was considered the best outlet for a way to speak from the heart, and so he did. From that troubling experience, an Emcee was thoroughly born.

Although, with the peer pressures of criminals and acquaintances, the talent only seemed to blossom. He went on showcasing his talent around house parties and close friends with nothing but good reactions in return. He then started chasing the dream that had been implanted into his brain. Carrying a family on his back while displaying the modern aboriginal lifestyle, Stun is nothing but passionate towards his dream. Stun made it quite known that he was a talented man that did not waste any time. With no one but his family behind his backbone, he stands with life’s realism and how it affected and influenced him to become who he is.

Living with nothing but quality, Stun is a good example of an exotic music artist.

R I S E – “Stun” (Official Music Video)