The HieroglyphicsOakland, California
Hip-hop Collective
Years Active
1991 - present
Hieroglyphics Imperium
Associated Acts
Extra Prolific, Souls of Mischief


The Hieroglyphics

The Hieroglyphics, consisting of are a hip-hop collective based out of Oakland, California. The group was founded in the early 90s by the rapper Del the Funky Homosapien, who is also Ice Cube’s cousin.

It includes himself, Casual, Pep Love, producer/manager Domino, DJ Toure, and the group Souls of Mischief, comprised of Phesto, A-Plus, Opio, and Tajai. The group has released various albums, dating back to 1996.

The Hieroglyphics set themselves apart by the strong local following and fame they have established in the Bay Area through their live shows, podcasts, and clothing. The group’s logo is the Mayan numeral 8 with a circle around it, depicting what looks like an alien face. The logo itself has a considerable amount of fame, popping up in music videos and even comic books.

The group formed its own label, Hieroglyphics Imperium, after the members experienced problems dealing with other major labels. Hiero’s most recent album, The Kitchen, was released in 2013.