The Peanut GalleryRoselle, NJ
Jean Adam
October 06, 1990
Producer, Rapper, Writer, Manager, Director, Editor
Years Active
2013 - present
Hip-Hop, TrapPop


The Peanut Gallery

The legend of the hip-hop duo that calls themselves The Peanut Gallery is one filled with ironies. One half of the duo is made up of Orlando — a college and prep school graduate who enlisted in the Army, dresses like the cartoon character Arthur, and enjoys bboying (breakdance). The other half of the duo is Flee Jones — a heavily tattooed gangster from the inner city streets of New Jersey who uses music as an outlet.

And their story is one told not only through music, but through comics.

Their unique blend of perspective, sound, and artistry in many forms is so unusual that it’s been turning heads across the East Coast. And their new project, Tales from the Basement, is an album that is sure to have their fan-base growing by leaps and bounds.

The Peanut Gallery – “Deep Thoughts”