VINCCINewark, New Jersey
Faheem Davis
September 18, 1980
Hip-Hop, R&B



VINCCI is a rising hip hop ar/st and mul/-talented entrepreneur. This prominent music ar/st graced the music industry in 2009 with his song, “Wanna Know You,” which led him to earn the featured video spot on Jet Magazine’s website in May 2011.

With over 1,000 hits in less than 24 hours on YouTube, and over 23,000 views total, VINCCI unleashes a BOLDNESS that surpasses his /me. The POWER and ENERGY that comes forth from VINCCI’s music is enough to light up the en/re world with his smooth Hip-Hop sound and splash of Urban Pop. VINCCI’s name alone and his virtuous style, signifies his crea/vity inside the belly of the music industry.

Raised in the projects of Graon Avenue in Newark, New Jersey, VINCCI showcases a rags-to-riches lifestyle through his lyrics. His signature hazel eyes, laid back personality, and conspicuous character, exudes a confidence that creates an instant connec/on between him and his fans. VINCCI is inspired by
the music videos and the style of storytelling from hip-hop pioneers such as Slick Rick, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, and Jay-Z. Although these ar/sts inspired VINCCI’s style of music, he wants to be respected by the hip-hop community for his own versa/lity and smooth flow.

He has worked with some of the top recording producers in the music industry. Amongst the list are Perion aka Lumbajack of Lumbajack Produc/ons and Ben Lindell of East Midwest Music Group. These producers have worked with such ar/sts as 50 Cent, Kelly Rowland, Les Nubians, Joey MacIntyre, Juvenile, Shorty Lo, Twista , and Roy Jones to name a few.

VINCCI’s objec/ve is to con/nue to create empowering music that will allow the listener’s heart to communicate with his truth and allow them to experience a freedom they have never felt before. . . their own.

“Music is inspired by life however, life is inspired by experience.” - Vincci