Yung BlizzNew York
Alvin Reyes
March 06, 1996
Years Active
2011 - present
This Side Up


Yung Blizz

Ever beat death? Yung Blizz has. March 6, 1996 — what was his born day could have easily been the day he died. With collapsed lungs and chronic asthma, he was connected to a respirator, lucky to survive, a beautiful baby boy was born, in the same hospital his father died in around six months prior.

Fast forward 15 years, Yung Blizz had developed a love for music so powerful, nothing could break the bond. It was the music who raised him when his father couldn't. Pac taught him how to treat all women as you would your own mother. Big taught him to follow his dreams because the sky is the limit. Em told him not to care what anybody thought of him, and Fifty taught him how to move in the streets. These artists are the reason he started pursuing music. It's a way to vent, hoping there is someone out there that feels as you do. It's a way to raise the future into something better rather then a reflection of the past.

Since Yung Blizz was 15 years old in 2011, he has been working on becoming the best artist he can. He has done 7 mixtapes with various artists from his Lower East Side neighborhood located in NYC. When Blizz turned 18 in 2013, he started getting into videography. He shot and edited his own videos with the help of his team.

Today, Yung Blizz is working on his very first album. Over the years, he has befriended many producers who can match his work ethic. He also has dreams of starting his own label one day. With hard work comes a great payoff. Who knows whats in store for Yung Blizz!

Blizz & Haze – “Work”