Ayesha Curry Gives Some Of The Classiest Comebacks Ever

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Ayesha Curry has built up quite a brand for herself, and a lot of it comes outside of being Stephen Curry’s wife. Not only is the young beauty a chef, video blogger and mother of two, but she’s also one of the classiest clapback Queens. Ayesha can read you to the point that you will question if you were even raised right, and will teach you a lesson about manners. This past week, Ayesha took to Twitter to deal with a fair amount of hate, but she made sure to show just how classy she was.

ayesha curry clapbacks

Source: Instagram @ayeshacurry

Ayesha’s comebacks will make you feel like a terrible person.

When someone told her to leave the Cleveland shirts in Cleveland

After there were Cavalier shirts on her seats, Ayesha was seen removing them from her chair and tossing them to a person on the court. Someone called her out on Twitter for it writing, “Leave the Cleveland T shirts in Cleveland….Miss my Gumby husband repping Grandpa shoes….” Ayesha responded, “I did… With my family who lives in Cleveland. lived there 40+yrs… It’s really never what it seems. Good night to you.”

When she took away her food to a Twitter grinch

Ayesha Curry

Source: Instagram /@ayeshacurry

After she tweeted about LeBron James stepping over Draymond Green, which got him suspended, a Warriors fan tweeted at her, “Go check on your cookies sis.” Ayesha responded, “I’m not making cookies… I’m making Short ribs and jerk turkey and you can’t have any.”