Azealia Banks Could Be Going To Jail

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Azealia Banks at Day Two during the Reading Festival 2012 at Richfield Avenue

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Azealia Banks caught a charge of third degree assault years ago, and now it’s come back to haunt her with the threat of jail time. Back in December of 2015, Banks was arrested outside of Up&Down, a nightclub in the Meatpacking district of New York, for biting a bouncer on the boob.

The altercation between Banks and the bouncer, Christine Soares, happened after Banks attempted to enter an invite-only party at the lower level of the nightclub. She was initially turned away by the bouncers for not having the required stamp to get in.

Once she was turned away, she allegedly started screaming at the top of her lungs and cursing out the bouncers. A club owner noticed the heated situation and gave her a pass to let her in, but it wasn’t enough to cool Azealia’s rage. Once she was inside the party, she started cursing out the bouncers again. When the female bouncer approached, Banks spit in the face of her, and bit her on the breast as they escorted her out, and reportedly threw a punch at her once outside of the nightclub.

In 2017, Azealia Banks took a plea deal at her trial after admitting to intentionally causing injury to Soares. The plea deal dictated that Banks must complete an anger management program, continue mental health treatment, abide by an order of protection for the bouncer, and avoid run-ins with the law. If she met these terms, the assault conviction would be reduced to disorderly conduct, which would be considered a violation rather than a crime. Failure to meet these terms would result in Banks facing up to a year of jail time.

Azealia Banks performs during 2013 Governors Ball Music Festival

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On Thursday, Banks was back in court for the same legal issues, where she could only prove that she had done four out of six hours of anger management classes she was required to take. If she fails to complete the last two hours before her next court date on April 3, Banks could be getting locked up.

After court, Banks was heard being short with the press as she was leaving the courthouse. She reportedly had made remarks to the press corps such as “Move, lady, move”, “shut you’re a** up”, and “You guys are like roaches.”

Azealia Banks doesn’t necessarily have the most peaceful track record. She is notorious for coming at others without discretion over Twitter, and has been accused of starting a fight with Russell Crowe, although she claims that it was Crowe that was in the wrong. Hopefully she gets something out of those last two hours of anger management classes… If she attends.