Azealia Banks Puts Iggy Azalea on Blast AGAIN

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Azealia Banks at Day Two during the Reading Festival 2012 at Richfield Avenue

Credit: Simone Joyner/Getty Images

The long-standing feud between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea hasn’t lost its steam one bit. The two female rappers have been beefing since 2012 because of Azealia’s hatred for Iggy’s misappropriation of black culture. Even though things were on the hush for awhile, Iggy recently spoke with Elle Canada on her feud and why she wished it faded away.

“If I could, I would Men in Black memory-erase 2015, I totally would… I think the Azealia Banks thing is what really started it all,” Iggy said. “We don’t like each other on a personal level, and that has gone on for many years…” Of course, Azealia responded to Iggy’s comments and blasted her per Twitter.

“Mentioning me is the only thing that will get you attention. Because ur music and nose job are trash,” she wrote. “No one is talking about u so u choose to mention me…. Wrong move hoe.” Will this ever be over? Share with your friends.