Baby Mamas & Orgys: The Biggest Creeps from ‘Love & Hip Hop’

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Love & Hip Hop was really supposed to be about the women on the show and how they’ve dealt with success and trauma during their time in the game. That’s completely not even the case, as the dudes have dominated the ratings because of their scandalous behaviors. The illustrious Creep Squad really represents the meaning of squad goals to the fullest. These guys make being a savage look so easy.

Check Out the Biggest Creeps on ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Stevie J

Music Producer Stevie J with his wife recording artist Joseline Hernandez attend UrbanDaddy Presents Grey Goose Le Melon Fruit Of Kings

Credit: Moses Robinson/Getty Images

Stevie is a wild boy. He smashed his ex-best friend’s girl and was in going back and forth with his baby mama Mimi and his Puerto Rican princess, Joseline Hernandez. No f*cks given.

Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz

Source: Instagram @petergunz174

Here’s the breakdown on Gunz. The dude has two baby mamas in Amina Butterfly and Tara Wallace. Amina was the sidekick he got pregnant, even though he was already married to her. Tara is Peter’s long-time love. Peter moves Tara into the same apartment building he lives in with Amina. He gets Amina pregnant and she aborts the baby. Around the same time, Tara finds out she’s pregnant by Peter. WHO DOES THAT?!