Bad To The Bone: Best Movie Villains Of All-Time

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There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching a bad guy take over a movie. Only a few have been able to wow viewers with chilling performances. It takes a certain attitude and mentality to walk into a movie set and developed a warped, chaotic mindset. It takes guts and talent.


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With that being said, here are the best movie villains of all-time.

Rico (Played By Cam’ron) in Paid in Full

Cam’ron owned his role of Rico in Paid in Full. He was so menacing and street savvy that you had no choice but to root for him.

Rodney (Played By Snoop Dogg) in Baby Boy

Snoop Dogg was a bad-mother-shut-your-mouth in John Singleton’s film Baby Boy. He played Yvette’s ex-boyfriend who happened to be a convict. He had a reckless mouth and didn’t care about anyone but himself.