Belly Calls Rappers “Dummies” for Disrespecting Tupac and Biggie

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Belly at E Talk Festival Party

Credit: Jag Gundu/ Getty Images

On March 26, Belly made an appearance on the L.A. Leakers show on Power 106 and made a passionate statement about the lack of respect for hip-hop legends like B.I.G. and Pac from the younger generation of hip-hop artists.

In his statement, the Roc Nation rapper emphasized the fact that rappers like Big and 2pac made music in a time that hip-hop was not embraced by the mainstream, and that they had to fight to pave the way for younger generations. See his full statement below.

“Those guys fought for us when it was OK to be racist. When the news was coming out being racist toward us, ’cause we had our own form of music. Those guys were in the fucking front lines. So, for y’all little dummies that’s getting your little checks and thinking you got clout right now, the only reason you got that is because people stepped up when the fire was on. Right now the fire ain’t even on. They embrace you, bro. I come from days they didn’t embrace us. We had to fight to be embraced. Tupac had to damn near be crucified to be embraced. Big had to die.”

The “Little Dummies” Belly is referring to would undoubtedly include Lil Xan, and possibly others like Lil Yachty and XXXTentacion. Lil Xan has come under fire recently for making disparaging comments towards 2pac, giving him a two out of nine on the Revolt TV show On Clout 9. In the same interview, he places Beethoven, Drake, and Mini-Golf over Pac in clout ratings. You can see the interview below. (The infamous comment is made at 1:45).

While Lil Xan has somewhat backpedaled on his statements since drawing so much fire, it hasn’t stopped him from being the posterchild of the younger generation of rappers when it comes to their lack of care for the game’s OGs. Formerly, one may have considered Lil Yachty to hold that title after he mentioned that he couldn’t name five songs by Biggie or 2pac in an interview with Billboard in 2016. Furthermore, Yachty ranked Biggie as overrated in Pitchfork’s popular Over/Under series, which made him even more of a target for critics.

In 2018, XXXTentacion has gone on record in a DJ Akademiks interview to say that he’s better than 2pac, and asks Akademiks not to compare him to 2pac. See him make those comments in the video below.

Even Kodak Black said that he felt he was better than 2pac and Biggie in his 2016 XXL Freshman interview. Whether they truly believe it or not, mentioning Pac and Biggie in the way these artists have given them a considerable amount of media spotlight and free publicity. Even though Belly makes valid points in his statement on Power 106, he’s only feeding their hype, regardless if he recognizes the fact. Good thing he didn’t drop any names.