Best Marvel Comics Collectibles

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marvel shop thor’s hammer


We are living in the second coming of superheroes, and the comic book industry has seen booms in recent years that it hadn’t seen for decades.Since comics blew up in pop culture in the 1930s and ’40s, superheroes have been a central part of the American identity. These gods on Earth represented what we all wanted to be like as kids, and chances are they dominated our toys, clothes, and costumes for years.I recently came upon some really sick Marvel memorabilia that inspired me to start looking for more of the best collectibles I could find from the comic book and now cinematic titan. Start the slideshow below to see the coolest stuff I could find, and SHARE with your friends who love Marvel movies as much as we do.

Spider-Man Kicks (Kids)

marvel shop spider-man sneakers


I wish they had these in an adult size, because superhero shoes are always a cool find. Still, for the little man or girl in your life, these Spider-Man sneakers are an awesome gift.

75 Years of Marvel

marvel shop 75 years of marvel


For the most dedicated fans, this enormous book is filled with everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite superheroes and the company that invented them. This was made especially for the 75th anniversary of Marvel in 2014.