Best Selling Rap Singles of All Time

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10. “Live Your Life” (2008)

best rap songs live your life

Source: YouTube @ T.I.

With over 5.7 million copies sold worldwide, this T.I. song featuring Rihanna is famous for its hip hop and R&B sound as well as the borrowed clips from O-Zone’s internet famous song “Dragostea Din Tei.” This chart-topper was one of the biggest jams of 2008.

“I’m the opposite of moderate, immaculately polished with the spirit of a hustler and the swagger of a college kid.”

9. “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” (2008)

best rap songs kiss me thru the phone

Source: YouTube @ SouljaBoyTellemVEVO

The late 2000s were famous for Soulja Boy’s pop rap, and this single sold over 5.7 million copies. This song did well on the charts and helped both Soulja Boy and Sammie’s careers.

“Girl you know I miss you/ I just wanna kiss you/ But I can’t right now so baby kiss me thru the phone.”

8. “Empire State of Mind” (2009)

best rap songs empire state of mind

Credit: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

One of New York’s anthems, this JAY Z/Alicia Keys song has sold over 5.7 million copies digitally. The music video features the artists in some of New York’s most famous spots. The “rap ballad” almost featured Mary J. Blige for the female vocals, and it heavily samples “Love on a Two-Way Street” by The Moments.