Best Selling Rap Singles of All Time

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Since it took over pop culture in the ’80s and ’90s, rap has been one of the most iconic genres of music in the world.

Even though the golden years of rap have passed, today it stays present by blending with hip hop, pop, and other types of music in the studio and on the radio, leading to some awesome collaborations that even people who don’t normally listen to rap can enjoy.

Start the slideshow below to check out the best-selling rap singles of all time. While choosing what songs made the list, we only included songs that are primarily rap-based, and we didn’t choose any hip hop or pop that only feature a rap artists for a small part of the song.

Still, you’ll be surprised that only a handful of rap classics are among the bestsellers. Most of these gained their popularity through digital sales, and only two songs on this list are from before 2000. Can you guess what they are? Let us know what songs you think deserved a spot on this list and don’t forget to SHARE.

12. “Stan” (2000)

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Source: YouTube/ EminemVEVO

Pretty much everybody knows this song, and with 5 million copies sold, it’s no surprise. Considered ‘horrorcore,’ this is one of Eminem’s best-selling songs ever.

“Stan” (2000)

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Source: Twitter @chrisrusso64

Famous for Dido’s chorus in the background and the tragic story behind the lyrics and in the music video, “Stan” topped the charts in Europe and was in the Top 40 in the states. It’s been ranked one of the best hip hop and rap songs of all time by publications like Rolling Stone.