Beyonce Makes History at Coachella

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Beyoncé at Coachella

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Queen Bey did not disappoint during her headlining performance. She took Coachella by storm over the weekend as the first woman of color to headline the festal event. Her show was packed full with duets, melodies, orchestral numbers, and exceptional choreography.

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Earlier Vince Staples took to the stage dubbing the Coachella stage as slightly racist, stating “none of you look like me” to the audience. From the her entrance, Beyonce clearly came to claim the stage as she had the crowd bowing down to her epic performance. There was no doubt of the intense preparation and determination put into her show.

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Earlier news broke she upped the number of backup dancers from roughly 25 to 100. She also brought special guests to feature in the production. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, original members of Destiny’s Child, accompanied her on stage for a melody. The show progressed with a duet with her and her husband Jay-Z as the crowd raved in excitement. Her show evoked power, spirit, and an immense amount of pride.

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During the two hour show, Beyonce declared the festival “Beychella”, and no one had a problem with that. The Grammy award winner justified her name Queen Bey as she hit every step with sweat rolling down her face, never missing a beat. This performance will go down in history as one of the best Coachella headliners of all time.