Bill Gates: Rap’s Favorite Billionaire

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You may know of the name Bill Gates as being one of the biggest billionaires in the world, as he is the founder and CEO of Microsoft, but the business mogul is doing more for hip hop than we knew. Gates not only hit the dab recently, but he’s been referenced in rap songs countless times over the years. Even Beyoncé is using his brand to inspire other young people to build up their ambition and create their own empires. Bill definitely has some hip hop cred, and he surely has become rap’s favorite billionaire.

Bill Gates

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His dab

bill gates dab

Source: Youtube – KevinLaSean

Bill Gates was asked to hit the dab, and while he didn’t seem to nail it, he did give us something to be inspired by.

Beyonce wants wants girl to aspire to be him

Beyonce Performs at The Staples Center

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Beyonce told girls on “Formation” that they could be a “young black Bill Gates in the making.”