Birdman Admits His Relationship with Lil Wayne is “Weird”

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lil wayne and birdman Neilson Barnard:Getty Images for BM

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Birdman and Lil Wayne have been embroiled in a bitter conflict ever since 2014, when Wayne first revealed that Birdman and Cash Money were responsible for the delay of Tha Carter V album. With a $51 million lawsuit in the balance, the tension between the two superstars continues to persist.

Even though the issue has been brought up with Birdman by numerous interview hosts, Birdman’s most recent interview with Ebro Darden on the Beats 1 radio show reveals details of his relationship with Wayne which may come as a surprise to those following the situation.

The clip begins with Ebro asking Birdman if he believes that things will come back together in due time, and Birdman responds somewhat indirectly. “Far as me and shorty, I got that,” he said. “I’ma make sure he straight, we straight, and we gon’ continue doing what we started. It’s important to me that I finish the way I started.” Ebro goes on to press Birdman for a more forthright response, and Birdman divulges a little more information:

”It’s just so many parts to it, but I’m not gon’ let it just lay like that. It’s important to me that I make sure that s**t’s straight. I ain’t worrying about it benefitting me, he deserve that from me, and I’ma give him that blessing. We gotta get this s**t together, ‘cause its affecting our kids, and that’s not cool with me at all. His daughter is my godchild. I love her to death, my favorite.”

Birdman says that his and Wayne’s kids talk to each other all the time, and that his children and Wayne talk often as well. “It’s a weird relationship, but it’s solid,” Birdman adds. Less than two weeks ago on March 26, posted a picture with Lil Wayne in the club, with the caption “Me and my SON #YMCMBEAST”. The two seemed to be on friendly terms, which sparked rumors of any type of lingering beef being squashed.


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This interview dismisses those rumors, as Birdman tells nothing that would have the audience believe that he and Wayne are any better off than they have been in the past year or so.In past interviews, Birdman has been more reluctant to share any information that would suggest that their personal relationship was suffering, but it seems as though he is now more willing to acknowledge their difficulties.

Tunechi has stayed out of the media spotlight for some time now, and his social media accounts have barely been posting anything other than promotional content for other brands as of late, making Birdman’s comments on the status of their relationship all the more impactful. Birdman has also claimed that Tha Carter V will be released in 2018, but without Lil Wayne’s co-sign on the statement, chances look dubious at best. Stay tuned for more Birdman and Lil Wayne news!