Blac Chyna And The Lost Hype Of The Video Vixen

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This past week, Future premiered his “Rich Sex” video, which featured Blac Chyna, and she certainly became a topic of conversation. Whether she was receiving positive or negative comments for her raunchy role in the sexually-infused visuals or not, people couldn’t help but talk about her and Future getting steamy together, as rumors of their relationship have been swirling for weeks.

The conversation of Chyna is certainly important for hip hop culture, since it represents the lost concept of video vixens. Over the past few years, it seems as though most videos have been slim to none as far as their inclusion of vixens, or even famous women in rappers’ videos for that matter. The 2000’s were a time where you could hardly have a hip hop visual without a famous video vixen in it, or even numerous amounts of them in one.

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Video vixens have definitely been a lost part of hip hop community, which made the careers of so many women in the past from Esther Baxter, Melissa Ford, and many more. Yes, women have been included in videos, but not to be the center piece, creating a unique conversation following the release of the visuals.

Blac Chyna may or may not be your top choice for a video, but she is contributing a lost part of rap culture that was once very prominent. “Rich Sex” isn’t exactly topping the charts, but the chemistry between Chyna and Future make it a video you can’t forget. It’s about time now that vixens come back into fruition.

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