Black Mamba Love: The Best Kobe Bryant References in Rap

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With Father Time catching up and finally capturing our beloved Kobe Bryant, we decided to pay homage to the Black Mamba by looking back at the best rap references regarding number 24. Check it out.

Los Angeles Lakers v Toronto Raptors

Credit: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Here are the Best Kobe Bryant References in Rap

Lil Wayne – Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant & Lil Wayne

Source: Twitter @Blavity

Lyrics:┬áKobe doin’ work
Two-four on my shirt
He the greatest on the court
And I’m the greatest on the verse
Going for the fourth ring like it was his first
Gotta get the bling
Do it for Kareem
Two-four so nice, my flow so mean
Catch me at the game sitting next to Goldestein

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