Black Panther Spirit: Cam Newton and Huey P Share More Than Just a Name

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As farfetched as this sounds, Cam Newton and Huey P share some similarities. We know what you’re thinking; how does a 26-year-old NFL quarterback even walk along the same lines as a revolutionary figure like a Huey Newton? Well, believe it or not, there are some startling parallels between these two individuals. Don’t believe us? Read more to find out.

Cam Newton Huey Newton

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Both Stood Up For African Americans

Cam Newton

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Huey Newton was a revolutionary figure who fought to provide equality for African Americans. Both men were demonstrative in getting their points across in helping blacks get proper treatment. During recent weeks, Cam had to wrestle with reporters about being an African American quarterback in the NFL – which is a rarity at this stage in the NFL.

Represent The Panthers.

Cam Newton Huey Newton

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Cam Newton was drafted with the number one pick by the Carolina Panthers in 2011. Huey Newton alongside Bobby Seale created the Black Panther in 1966.