Bling Bling: 12 Best Watches In Hip Hop

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HUBLOT And Floyd Mayweather Jr.: The Perfect Combination For The Fight Of The Century

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A lot of rappers and athletes in the past have been caught wearing fake watches from Audemars and Hublot. Because Hublot does cost a hefty amount, only a handful of celebs were able to purchase the watch, most notably Floyd.

Flavor Flav’s Clock

Public Enemy In Concert At The Hard Rock Joint

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Even though rappers can gush about their super expensive watches, nothing is more timeless than Flavor Flav’s clock. No matter what performance, video, or venue, you could always count on Flav to rock his clock.



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Cartier is a watchmaker from France that started in 1847. Artists like JAY Z and Kanye are enamored with the brand and always rap about the brand.