Boss Bars: 12 Of Rick Ross’ Best Verses

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In a span of ten years, Rick Ross has etched himself a nice lane in rap. By masterfully crafting lush-sounding music with his brash attitude, he has become of the voice of the streets. His poignant 16’s have always resonated with the hood because he spoke knowledge. All Ross needs is a soulful beat to let loose and talk that talk. With his new album, Black Market ready to come later this year, we decided to venture back into Ross’ resume and handpick his 12 best verses of all-time. Can’t nobody touch the boss. Check it out and feel free to SHARE with your friends.

Rick Ross performs onstage at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards

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Kanye West Featuring Rick Ross “Devil In A Blue Dress”


Credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Year: 2010

Review: During this time, Ricky’s lyricism wasn’t anything to boast about. He thrived incredibly well over soulful productions. After Kanye tossed him the beat a la Chris Paul, Ricky slammed it down with sheer precision. Timeless Ross.