Bow Wow’s Biggest Fails

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Despite him having been in the music game for over 15 years, and rolling out consecutive hit records, Bow Wow seems to be the butt of a lot of social media jokes. The rapper turned actor and host has focused more on his television game in recent years, but it’s resulted in a lot of memes and jokes coming from users, as he’s put himself in bizarre situations. Last night, while hosting the Pre-Grammy’s show, Bow Wow had another fail that had the Internet going into another roasting frenzy. We decided to take a look back on some other moments that probably weren’t the rapper’s proudest moments.

Bow Wow At STYLE360 Spring/Summer 2014 Collections

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Check out Bow Wow’s biggest fails on the following pages.

When he explained the definition of the “dab”

“The world dabbing and they don’t even understand or know what dab is. First of all, dab is a strong way to smoke marijuana, it’s the purest form of marijuana. It’s extremely strong, so the dance comes from when you smoking and you coughing, the first thing you do is [hits dab].” What?

When he ended the Grammy’s pre-show 3 times in 2 minutes