Brutal Weapons Pulled Out of Prisons

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Life on the Inside

When you think of a prison, you may think of a place where some people go in but never come out, a place of maximum security where we send society’s troubled members to peacefully recuperate.

In reality, prison violence is a daily occurrence that can happen between two or more inmates, prisoners and guards, or even in the form of self-inflicted violence. While penitentiaries do their best to ensure the safety of all who live or work within their walls, even the most innocent of possessions, like toilet paper or a magazine, can be turned into a deadly weapon with skill, time, and determination.

These are some of the most shocking discoveries of unbelievable weapons confiscated from prisoners. You’ll be amazed at the engineering that went into these.


Source: Imgur/ zenobyte

You won’t believe what prisoners can make…



Source: Imgur/ zenobyte

On May 21, 1984, inmates in Celle, Germany took a guard hostage using this shotgun made from bedposts, lead from curtain tape, matches, batteries, and a broken lightbulb.

Toilet Paper Shank


Source: Imgur/ zenobyte

One of the most common weapons found in prisons, these photos are of an intricate shank confiscated from an inmate at the Baraga Maximum Correctional Facility in Michigan. It was made in just 4 hours.