Cardi B Thought Donald Glover and Childish Gambino Were Two Different People

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You learn something new each day. Cardi B just discovered that Donald Glover is the same person as his alias Childish Gambino. The female rapper posted on Twitter the other day, “It’s amazing how Donald Glover & Childish Gambino look soo much alike. Think they secretly the same person!!! Too dope!!”

Within minutes, she received some insight from her fans and followers that she has mistaken the two names as two different identities.

“wait, Im confuse now”

The hilarious moment was short lived on Twitter, as Cardi B deleted it after she came to terms with the misunderstanding. Still, a few onlookers were able to screenshot the post.

The Bronx artist has been known for her snarky comments in the past, but many believe she honestly thought they were two different people. This post was deleted most likely out of embarrassment.

Some showed a little empathy, noting that they too didn’t have a clue of Donald Glover’s alias. Apparently, that’s the struggle you have to face when your stage name is just as well-known as the one your mom gave you.

Source: Instagram @iamcardib