Casey Veggies Travels to South Africa to Shoot New Video

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Casey Veggies 3AM in Capetown (Swag On A Mill Pt. 3)

“I’m in South Africa right now if you’re wondering. I’m out here in the field,” Casey Veggies raps in his new video “3AM in Capetown (Swag Worth A Mill Pt. 3).” The Inglewood, California rapper traveled all the way to Capetown and Johannesburg, South Africa to shoot the visuals for his new song. In the video, Casey mingles and dances with the natives in the Capetown and Johannesburg streets. The song which was produced by Sango means a lot to Casey Veggies since it marks his directorial debut. Nice work Casey! Check out “3AM in Capetown (Swag Worth A Mill Pt. 3)” below.

[youtube clipid=”BcVrBaOCMj0″ autoplay=”0″]