Celebrity Spawn Wannabe Rappers

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The children of celebrities have certainly proved that they do have some talents of their own, whether it be the same ones they inherit from their parents, or brand new ones. We’ve seen some turn into a completely different kind of superstar then their parents in the past, including the likes of Diana Ross and her daughter, Tracee Ellis Ross. In the hip hop world, there are a lot of children of our favorite celebrities who have decided to pursue rap careers, with even some of those celebrities being A-list actors.

christian combs

Source: Instagram @kingcombs

Check out the spawn of celebrities who want to be rappersĀ on the following pages.

Chet Hanks

chet hanks

Source: Instagram @chethanx

The son of Tom Hanks has been kickstarting his rap career for a few years now.

Jaden Smith


Credit: Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

By now, most would know of Jaden Smith either for his strange, philosophical tweets, or the fact that he has a decently successful rap career.