Chamillionaire Just Proved He Is The Biggest Harry Potter Fan In Hip Hop

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Chamillionaire may have the role of ridin’ dirty in hip hop, but he certainly has more sides to him than many of us know. The “Hip Hop Police” rapper is famous for his smash hit single from 2005, and the lyrics have been referenced in countless instances of pop culture for years. This time around, J.K. Rowling showed that she is pretty hip to Chamillionaire, and his reaction was priceless.

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J.K. Rowling’s tweet

chamillionaire j.k. rowling

Source: Twitter @jk_rowling

J.K. Rowling responded to a Twitter troll with the message, “They see me Rowlin’. They hatin’,” referring to Chamillionaire’s lyrics.

Chamillionaire’s reaction

chamillionaire j.k. rowling

Source: Twitter @chamillionaire

Chamillionaire responded to J.K.’s trolling with the tweet, “I was gonna remix your tweet to “We see them trollin” but you already took home the Grammy. Touche’.”