Chance the Rapper Throws Heineken Under the Bus

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CREDIT: Instagram @chancetherapper

Chance the Rapper took to Twitter to voice his disgust in the brand Heineken after seeing their latest advertisement. The clip showed a beer being tossed to a lighter skinned woman, surpassing others with darker complexions.

Chance the Rapper phrased it as “terribly racist”, and many viewers followed with agreement. As the ad was shown globally, a surprising number individuals questioned the meaning behind Heineken’s intentions. The company has pulled the ad from around the world and released an apology statement. Unfortunately, Heineken is not the only largely known brand to be called out for racism in their marketing campaigns.

CREDIT: Instagram @chancetherapper

H&M and Dove were under fire after allegations of racist references in their ads as well. H&M featured a product images of a black child wearing a printed hoodie “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. The backlash was explosive to say the least. In South Africa, H&M stores were deliberately broken into and seriously damaged.

Following this, Dove showed an ad of a black woman taking off a t-shirt and turning into a white woman, promoting body wash. It was hard for anyone to get past the insane idea behind the ad. Both advertisements from H&M and Dover were taken down with statements of regret from the brands.

CREDIT: Instagram @chancetherapper

Giving his two cents, Chance the Rapper believes companies are intentionally promoting racist and controversial content to create a reaction out of people. Good or bad publicity is still publicity to most brands in this competitive era. The outspoken rapper doesn’t necessarily agree with boycotting Heineken, but different marketing tactics need to be made.