Charlamagne Shows Iggy Azalea Too Much Love

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Iggy Azalea performs at Irving Plaza

Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Many consider Charlamagne Tha God hip-hop’s Howard Stern, and believe it or not it’s a well deserved comparison. The star of Power 105.1’s syndicated morning show The Breakfast Club has earned a reputation for his unfiltered interviewing skills and not being afraid to speak his mind. Based off of mastering his barbershop-esque-back-and-forth chatter, the personality has become a national star and was frequently given his own show on MTV.

In one of his latest episodes of Uncommon Sense, it’s safe to say the show’s title definitely lived up to its name. In a short clip, Charlamagne describes “Fancy” rapper Iggy Azalea as a hip-hop legend and claims she receives an unfair shake from the culture. He backs up his reasoning explaining she reached the peak of her stardom during an era where racial tension is alive and breathing in America, and calls her a pioneer for white female rappers.

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