Chewbacca Gets Arrested For Failing To Show Proper Identification

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Credit: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Even though Halloween is only a few days away, some people are already showcasing their best attires. One person in the U.K. was a tad bit overzealous and decided to take things to the utmost extreme by morphing into the notoriously known Chewbacca.

The man donning the costume was dragged into court in Odessa for failing to show proper documents. In addition, he was accused of disrupting a polling proceeding earlier that day. The person claimed he was at the poll to support Dark Vader, who was attempting to run for a government position. While this sounds like a very surreal and unorthodox move, this is a regular occurrence at Ukrainian elections.

All in all, Chewbacca was fined 170 hryvnia, which is equivalent to $8 U.S.

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