Chief Keef Evicted From Mansion

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Well I guess Chief Keef wasn’t yet booted from hip hop, but he was booted from his mansion in Highland Park, a suburb on Lake County, Illinois.

According to, Keep was reportedly evicted this morning (June 10) after Lake County police officers arrived at his mansion. The site reports that officers confirmed the eviction, which stemmed from a May 7 court hearing held due to the $30,000 Keef was behind in rent.

Chief Keer’s landlord, Bal K Bansal, says the departure was a mutual agreement even though the police were on the scene.

His neighbors are happy to see him go, calling the time he was there horrible.

“It’s been horrible,” Ken Cooper, Keef’s neighbor said, according to “They were certainly not good tenants.”

This doesn’t serve as the first time the rapper has found himself in legal trouble over unpaid rent. In September of last year, it was reported that Chief Keef was sued for $10,000 in back rent by his landlord for the months of July and August.

Chief Keef


With his song All I Care About containing the lyrics “All I care about is money, all I care about is hundreds, all I care about is fifties, all I care about is twenties” and his numerous Instagram selfies of him drowning in cash, it is ironic that his eviction has come to pass.