Chocolate Droppa is The Most Vicious Battle Rapper in Hip Hop

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Chocolate Droppa, also known as the famous actor Kevin Hart, is one of the most prolific wordsmiths in the game today. His ability to seamlessly string words together are second to none. Rhyming is in his DNA. There’s no doubt about his skills. When he was in his most difficult moments, he shined radiantly. The man is about his business.

Kevin Hart raps for Kendrick Lamar

Source: YouTube @Chris Diaz

Be amazed by the genius that is Chocolate Droppa.


Chocolate Droppa Vs. T-Pain

Drop had the crowd loving him against T-Pain.

Chocolate Droppa Vs. Lemon Drop

Drop kept the momentum going when he suited up for his battle against Lemon Drop. The battle of the Drops was something serious!