Chris Brown Accused of Stealing Illustration

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Source: Instagram @chrisbrownofficial

Chris Brown got himself into a sticky situation on social media over the weekend. With intentions to promote his clothing brand Black Pyramid, he edited a comic inspired illustration and posted it on Instagram as his own. With over 40 million followers on the platform, the original illustration was shortly identified as Gabriel Picolo. The fuming artist called out Chris Brown on Twitter by displaying the two, the original and edited, next to one another.

Picolo was informed about the unauthorized or credited edit through a fan that sent it to him. He told Complex that he created the illustration for a series entitled “Casual Teen Titans”. This series was based off of Teen Titans in a teenager environment. The series received recognition, launching his work for DC Comics. With his backstory of his career public, it is understandable why he took the issue to heart.

Credit: Splash News

It’s been a long a coming for the clothing line Black Pyramid. Chris Brown launched the clothing line back in November 2012, partnering up with Pink Dolphin’s founders. Over the past years the brand has had some highs and lows. In 2016 Black Pyramid launched its online store and was expected to bring in close to $15 million. Chris continually promotes the brand on his social platforms.

Chris Brown’s post has been now taken down, but the tension is not at ends. Picolo still feels “it doesn’t take the responsibility out of Chris”. The photo was up for a few hours, giving fans and others time to repost and screenshot the picture. Chris Brown doesn’t seem too concerned about his actions as his remark back to the artist, “No one cares about a damn Instapic bruh…”

Source: Instagram @chrisbrownofficial