Chris Brown Gets Three New Leg Tattoos

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Chris Brown For iHeartRadio

Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Last week, Chris Brown was under heavy fire after adding not one, but two new tattoos to his head. The bold pieces became the butt of everyone’s jokes, with the general public agreeing that Breezy had made quite a questionable permanent decision. Yesterday, Breezy took to his Instagram to share three new tattoos.

It looks like the crooner add three new pieces to his legs. Each design features a semi-Asian influenced, mainly from Japanese pop culture. Check out Chris Brown’s A Bathing Ape, Astroboy, and Dragonball Z tattoos below!

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chris brown astroboy tattoo

Source: Instagram: @iamchrisbrownofficial

chris brown dragon ball z tattoo

Source: Instagram: @iamchrisbrownofficial

chris brown bape tattoo

Source: Instagram: @iamchrisbrownofficial