Chris Brown Is Tired Of Hiding THIS Secret…

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It seems like Chris Brown is always dealing with a lot of stress. Because of his past, he feels everyone judges him on anything negatively said about him in the media. He now wants his fans to know that he’s a changed man and what the media says is not a true representation of him today. He came to this conclusion after a pivotal moment that changed his entire life. This secret was too good to keep under wraps, so Chris decided to let the world know.

NYLON Midnight Garden Party

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See what’s changed Breezy’s life forever.

Surprise, You ARE the Father

Chris Brown For iHeartRadio Live With Special Guest T.I. At The iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles

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Chris found out he was a father and had no idea about the child’s existence. But that’s not all…

He’s Ready to be Honest

Chris Brown Punk’d video screenshot

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After meeting his new, baby girl and proving the she was his, he made the decision to be honest about something…