Chris Brown Led Blindfolded Into A Surprise Party Full Of Naked A**

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As most of us know by now, Chris Brown was released from jail last week. In an effort to help Brown celebrate his release, his model girlfriend Karrueche Tran led him blindfolded into a surprise party with a lot of his friends and past music collaborators.

Along with these friends, its been reported that there were a slew of porn stars in attendance.

TMZ reports:



Do you think it’s too soon for a guy who has been in and out of the joint for the past year to be starting off by partying? Even though T-Pain said there was no weed smoking allowed, TMZ reports that ┬áseveral of the party goers walking out looked out of it.

Do you think this is a good way for Chris to be transitioning into his new drug free/jail free life? Hmmm..