Chris Brown Sued by Woman Allegedly Sexually Violated at His House

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Chris Brown is faced with another legal issue on his hands. The rapper along with Lowell Grissom (aka Young Lo) is being accused of sexual assault at Brown’s house. The case is now seeing the light of day since the allegations were made back in February 2017. The woman, being identified as Jane Doe, was “a victim of horrific sexual assault” and wants justice.

The woman details the chronicle events of that night, first arriving at Brown’s recording studio where her phone was confiscated for the remainder of her stay. The ladies at the rapper’s house, including herself, were urged to take a clear pill with a white substance inside of it to “have a good time.” She declined the offer and claims she was then forced to perform sexual acts on the rappers. Young Lo later raped her a second time, holding her on a washing machine. After the events subsided and she was free to leave, going immediately to rape treatment and reporting the incident in detail.

The Jane Doe has hired attorney Gloria Allred. She speaks out about her client, “It’s one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen and our client Jane Doe has been severely traumatized.”

Neither Chris Brown nor Lowell Grissom have made public statements about the case. Brown is getting ready for his summer tour, Heartbreak On a Full Moon, starting in June. As of now, there’s no word if the case or possible charges will affect the scheduled tour dates.

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