Chuck D Gets At Iggy Azalea For Using N Word On IG, Not Realizing It’s Fake!

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Photo Credit: Ebony

Photo Credit: Ebony

Don’t believe everything you see on the Internet. Chuck D apparently didn’t get that memo. The Public Enemy legend unleashed his fury on pop star Iggy Azalea over a picture that surfaced of her, Drake, T.I. and B.O.B, with the caption “Me and My N—-’s<3.” The picture is a doctored fake from 2012.

He took to Twitter to add his 2 cents about the post stating:

a new straight path to slavery Here comes a endorsed sanctioned CORPlantation artist with A line straight out of 1853,” 


Chuck D was later told that the picture was altered to make it appear like Iggy had used the N word. He still had this to say:

 “True or not the IGGY thing is a reality when you call yourself with the slaveass term that was branded on skin & today marketed, sht happens,”

The Rapper has been on a rampage lately trying to preserve the true meaning of Hip-Hop culture. It’s a great thing when the elders step up and speak out.